The name that requires no introduction…Md.Rafisaab


1970s ...Those were the days when Radio was the only means of listening to music. Not everyone had a Television in their houses. Radio means Vividh Bharti. I was hardly 9 or 10 yrs old then. I reminisce that the songs played were really awesome.What caught my fancy was one voice which can't be put in one mould. Then the anchor said... Agla gaana.. .Mohamed Rafi ki awaaz mein... The song streamed into my ears n I was transported to another world. After this I eagerly awaited for a song of this singer. His voice was so sweet, melodious and some X factor he definitely had. As I started growing into my teens, romance meant hearing Rafisaabs romantic numbers. I was such a great fan of Rafisb that whenever I fell ill my dad used to play the radio and listening to this melifous voice soothed my nerves. Slowly I realised that not only romance but heartbreak songs were a notch above too. In fact u give him a mediocre song, Rafisaab will make it an extraordinary song. Any genre ...comedy, romance, devotional, ghazal....u just name it. He excelled beyond anyone's expectations. Also his interviews n other Hindi cine celebrities interviews on radio like Jaimala on VB showed that this singer is an out of this world human too. As I now enter into middle